Pielisen Retki
Porokylänkatu 23, 75530 Nurmes
phone. +358 44 377 9334


Toni Helander

Fishing guide and chef

With over ten years of experience in food Toni has the cooking responsibilities in our activity. Toni has gathered work experience from Restaurant Elite and Lasipalatsi in Helsinki as well as from Hullu Poro and Hotel K5 in Levi, among other places. In addition, Toni has been in charge of two Break Sokos Hotel Bomba restaurants in Nurmes for a year.

Toni has been an avid fisherman since a kid and in 2017 decided to make himself a living out of it.

Photo: Eero Jääskeläinen/Valovoima

Hanna Jänönen

Wilderness guide, program activities organiser and trained masseuse

With strong experience on various customer service duties, Hanna's area of responsibility in our activity is hiking. She has worked as a safari guide at the Husky yard of the Lapland Safaris in Muonio and at a reindeer farm in Luosto.
Hanna's passions are animals and nature.


Sinilumo magnificent Thor aka Tarmo (born in Dec 2nd 2017) is Siberian Husky breed and he is used as a sledge dog. Currently we are training Tarmo to accompany us on our trips. In future Tarmo will be part of a team as a sledge dog and we are planning to grow our Husky pack. Tarmo is a brick and vigorous Husky youngling.